How to write a good cause letter ccw

I fully understand circumstances will dictate that I not carry concealed such as in those areas prohibited by State or Federal law and fully understand it is my obligation to be aware and follow the laws.

They must qualify with every weapon listed on their license. I realize that the police are not required to protect me as an individual.

What's 'good cause' to carry a concealed gun?

DOJ Display weapon when not justified, either in a hostile manner or simply display it. I am afraid that I will be killed or injured as a result of these high-risk activities.

To do this I must drive in and through high crime areas, alone, late at night. I am required to be on call or respond to emergencies at any hour. Also in the last few months crime where I currently live in Liverpool has increased.

I have been working in the Real Estate Profession for 5, 10, 15 years, and have realized that the daily activities of my profession are placing me at much greater risk. For these reasons, I request that I be granted a concealed weapons permit for business purposes, my own protection, and to comply with the law.


I have a physical limitation or disability knee, hip, foot, injury, that may prevent me from defending myself or running away from a potential attacker.

If you have to be 21 to go inside, it is a bar. I travel late at night and often in and through remote areas where there is little law enforcement support.

I have given of my time to my community and am a tax-payer here in Clay active in my community. As a result, I am afraid that I will be killed or injured.


If, despite your best efforts to the contrary, you do get into some kind of heated dispute with another person while youre armed, never mention, imply or exhibit your gun for the purpose of intimidation or one-upmanship. I also make cash deposits for my practice.

Many instructors change cities and or ranges, this allows us to keep our list current. Carry a concealed weapon not listed on the license.

In addition to the high value jewelry, I carry and make the cash deposits from the days sales, often late at night by ATM. Yes, each location must be on file with PCSO and each must meet the listed requirements.

Am I limited to an 8 hour course? It is most important that you direct your students to read carefully the instructions specific to the county they are applying. As you read in the newspaper every day the crime rate is getting worse and criminals have no respect for even sworn law enforcement.

I am afraid that I will be killed or maimed as a result of an attack. For these reasons, I am requesting that I be granted a concealed weapons permit.


We have had cars stolen, drugs, robberies, and vandalism taking place for some time. Their ages are ten, fourteen and seventeen. I am a strong community supporter and a God fearing man. I make the cash deposits for the firm.

I am required to be on call, to report for duty at any hour. Additional documentation, such as the firearm training certificate, can be added later by uploading it through the Order Tracker. Commit any criminal act. PCSO will only allow weapons from a 25 cal.

Your concealed handgun is for protection of life only. While I realize that taking the law into my own hands is not an option providing a safe home and life for my family is. Nearly all jurisdictions in the area require a business license.

The daily activities of my profession, job, work, hobby, volunteer activity, is regularly placing me at greater risk than the average person because: You have no control over how a stranger will react to seeing or learning about your concealed handgun.Jun 10,  · What's 'good cause' to carry a concealed gun?

A federal appeals court ruled that California may restrict permits for concealed carry firearms, requiring applicants to show 'good cause' for. Surely not every “cause” is “good” enough to trigger Second Amendment coverage.

If a person turned in a concealed-carry application with the explanation, “I need to carry a gun in public so that I can hijack a plane with it,” few would think that denying the license would violate his Second Amendment rights.

Jun 10,  · A federal appeals court ruled that California may restrict permits for concealed carry firearms, requiring applicants to show 'good cause' for their weapon. Concealed Carry In California; A Look At The Process Of Obtaining A Permit.

was a good enough cause to issue a CCW. After never applying, because I had never seen any hope of being approved, I made the decision to give it a shot. In preparation for the initial interview I needed to complete the CCW application form, write a letter of.

CCW Justification

This description must contain, at the very least, 10 words describing the content and how it relates to CCW or self-defense.

(b) Permit posts must be flaired with. Information for CCW Instructors; CCW Instructors FAQ; CCW Instructors FAQ.

California CCW Permit

Frequently asked question from CCW instructors. You must provide a letter from the range as well as a copy of their policy. Good Cause.

Every county differs, am I expected to .

How to write a good cause letter ccw
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