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Against Corruption: a collection of essays

As I pointed out previously, businesses find corruption the easiest felonious activity to rationalise, especially in cross-cultural contexts.

But the scope for twinning is vast, relative to what is, as yet, happening both in governments and in the wider society. Finally, reform was helped along by economic development.

Twinning involving things like teacher exchanges between schools could help to shift these dysfunctional values. In addition to institutions such as an International Anti- Corruption Court as a further step towards increasing transparency, strengthening enforcement and securing restitution, the tools of visa revocations, personalised financial sanctions and more harmonised extradition mechanisms could actually be cheaper and more effective in tackling corruption than prosecutions — which are always tortuous.

The outcome is uncertain. But the truth of the matter is that, up until a few centuries ago, there were virtually no modern uncorrupt states. Until well into the 19th century, the British public sector was very corrupt.

The distinction between corruption and low state capacity allows us to better understand differences between the effects of corruption in countries around the world. The other key step is to tackle the co-ordination problem: Above all, when I read through the essays I feel both depressed and uplifted.

We are going further still. The period that saw the emergence of an industrial economy was also characterised by huge increases in levels of education — particularly higher education, which produced an entirely new class of professionals who worked for both private businesses and the government.

Take, for example, tax administration, which is fundamental to effective government. France became the most populous country in Europe and had tremendous influence over European politics, economy, and culture.


This transformation was largely fortuitous rather than the result of a properly thought-through strategy. In India, for example, welfare smartcards are helping to prevent corrupt officials taking a cut of payments to the poor. New regulatory agencies would benefit from becoming part of this distinctive culture.

Because of this, pockets of corruption have proved to be highly persistent: In the United States and other countries, it was a way of mobilising poor voters and therefore encouraging them to participate in a democratic political system.

For example, in countries where clientelism is organised along ethnic lines, co-ethnics are frequently tolerant of leaders who steal.

This system began to change only in the s as a consequence of economic development. It would be a crime not to seize it. The report said that, despite these disappointing findings, the bright spots across the continent were in Botswana, Burkina Faso, Lesotho and Senegal.

But all of this will only really work if political leaders have the courage to stand together, to speak up where previously there was silence, and to demand the strengthening and co- ordinating of international institutions that are needed to put fighting corruption at the top of the international agenda where it belongs.

It steals vital resources from our schools and hospitals as corrupt individuals and companies evade the taxes they owe.


His credibility was so deeply undermined that the abolition of the monarchy and establishment of a republic became an increasing possibility. For too long there has been something of an international taboo over stirring up concerns. The Origins of Political Order: Britain has rapidly changed from being part of the problem to being a pioneer of the solution, but quite evidently following the money is subject to a weakest-link problem.

Politically, corruption undermines the legitimacy of political systems by giving elites alternative ways of holding onto power other than genuine democratic choice.

From the Bribery Act to becoming the first major country in the world to establish a public central registry of who really owns and controls companies, I am determined that we should do everything we can to demonstrate leadership on these issues and put our own house in order.Source gives area of metropolitan France askm2 (, sq mi) and lists overseas regions separately, whose areas sum to 89, km 2 (34, sq mi).

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Against Corruption: a collection of essays

Location of metropolitan France (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the European Union (green).

Coubertin olympic awards student essay competition
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